Spin Starlets

The Spin Starlets is very much my passion project. The group consists of myself and two other Toronto circus artists and I perform under the name Darling Pink. Each member of the group combines a special skill outside that of our circus skills to drive forward the success of our group. I manage both our image as well as production of our social content. I design and make all of our costumes and produce the photos and video we put on our social media platforms.  

Our most recent video, featured here, was a 2 day shoot in an abandoned factory in Detroit - The Fisher Body Plant 21. Our most popular show - Robot Heart is seen the video featuring the top of the line LED technology that we use in our shows. Each garment is 28 pattern pieces and takes several days to make and fit to each performer. 

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Christopher Bahry of Tendril and Nathaniel Larouche of Intelligent Creatures. 

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